Your English, corrected and perfected.

ELCS.ch: Grammar, syntax, punctuation, best practice.

Proofreading and correction of English texts.


You have something important to say. And you need to say it in English.

It’s a paper you want to see published in a top journal.
It’s the website that showcases your products and services.
It’s a report for a governmental body, foundation, or nongovernmental organization.
It’s your dissertation.
Or maybe it’s “just” a tweet.

You have something important to say. And your English has to be perfect.


ELCS.ch takes your English and corrects and perfects it.

The result? English text that’s perfect, error-free, consistent, and clear. Text that says exactly what you need it to say.


Together, you and ELCS.ch improve your draft immeasurably.

A first pass catches and corrects the more obvious mistakes (we all make them after all). Brief, to-the-point discussions clarify, and fix, ambiguities.

Along the way, ELCS.ch gives you guidance on how to improve your written English, so that every piece you write is better than the last.

ELCS.ch: From tweets to entire multi-author thematic volumes.

And everything between.

In MSWord, Adobe pdf, or directly in LaTex (Overleaf, for example).
ELCS.ch: since 2010, your English, corrected and perfected.


22 September 2023: Current mandates in nature conservation, banking and finance, impact investing, and mechanical engineering.

22 September 2023: Availability week of 25 September: Tuesday, 26 September, all day, patchy connectivity and availability.

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